Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims Zelensky ‘Wants Our Sons and Daughters to Go Die’

This woman is not a kremlin “useful idiot.” She is something far more sinister:

Madison Cawthorn calls Zelensky a “thug” and says his government is “incredibly evil.” :-



  1. She discredits Zelensky to discredit Biden’s support to make her and her allies more attractive.

    She doesn’t care about human suffering in Ukraine or about what is right and wrong or about what is true or a lie. She cares only to improve her position.

    The far right has abandoned Ukraine for this reason.

    The far left left think a compromise now will reduce human loss. (Like anyone caught speaking Ukraine in occupied territories won’t be tortured and have their children taken away. Or anyone with a tattoo or relative who was k own to support Ukraine. And like Russia won’t regroup to try again)

    Both are equally stupid.

  2. Obviously the people in the following clip had kids:

    But the Gaetz bloc is far worse. They are seeking to influence the most important public opinion in the world; that of the US, to support genocide. And they are having some success.
    The mainstream GOP needs to make it clear that there is no cause that is more conservative than defending freedom and democracy from fascist tyranny. Especially when the fascist tyrant is raping, murdering and stealing little children.

  3. We have to be deeply ashamed for having such a fascist/communist as a member of our government who is willing to support not only an atrocious, evil and criminal country to wage war against an innocent country, but is willing to lie like hell about the victim. I never heard about or read about Zelensky wanting our soldiers to do their fighting, never! He only needs certain types of weapons that are continuously refused.
    People who vote for this mafia hustler should be especially ashamed!

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