Hundreds of Russians die for control of the road to Bakhmut: in just one night, paratroopers destroyed 15 groups of Wagnerites


In that battle, the army team lost their quadrocopter.

The armed forces of Ukraine are holding Bakhmut, despite the fact that the invaders are trying to take control of the roads leading to the city. Our defense forces managed to push the enemy back from the southern outskirts. In one night, they destroyed 15 groups of Wagnerites who were trying to storm positions, according to TSN .

On the southern approaches to Bakhmut, artillery fire is brought to the enemy with the help of drones and launch shells to finish off the remnants of the Wagner groups. On this combat site, Ukrainian fighters feel confident. The unit was here recently and it took the guys only a few days to not only hold back the onslaught of the enemy, but to smash it to the ground. “We looked up at night and there was such a surprise, a bunch of tops in different directions. From ten to half past six, we cut off these groups. Then it was after the interception that it was 15 groups of Wagnerites,” says Andrey, commander of the artillery unit of the 80th Airborne Division.

The unit lost their night eyes, or a quadcopter, in that battle, but the enemy’s advance was stopped in such a way that they crushed a bunch of Russian equipment, and also smashed the Russian ammunition depot. “They faced starvation with shells. If there were 30-40 shelling during the day, if you count the barrel, then, apparently, 2-3,” adds Misha, commander of the paratrooper unit.

Now these fighters cover one of the routes leading to Bakhmut, because it is for the communication lines, and not for the city, that the battles are going on.

Due to the lack of equipment, the Russians are increasingly sending only soldiers on the offensive. For the most part, the Wagnerites attack with manpower and try to push through our positions, but our army has enough bullets for everyone and Bakhmut remains Ukrainian. “Each meter of our land is important. If we gave it back, 3 of our soldiers died there, and when we take it back, 10 of them will lie there, ”the fighters say.

Now the paratroopers are gathering for a new drone, which will help to see the enemy at night.

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  1. “Due to the lack of equipment, the Russians are increasingly sending only soldiers on the offensive.”

    Must be the drunk morons coming at the Ukrainians with shovels.
    It’s mind baffling that there are some humans in the 21st century who are willing to attack despite knowing that they will most likely die or get maimed in the attempt. Mafia land is a backward, primitive shithole in every way possible.

  2. Russian commanders are so full of shit, you can see why the troops need a shovel just to find the sun or stars as the case may be.

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