Ukrainian rock star Vakarchuk raises $4 million in aid for Ukraine at London concert

March 2, 2023

Sviatoslav Vakarchuk in London (Photo:@Okean Elzy press office)

Sviatoslav Vakarchuk in London (Photo:@Okean Elzy press office) 

Okean Elzy frontman and former Ukrainian MP Sviatoslav Vakarchuk raised UAH 147 million ($4 million) for Ukraine by performing at the “A Night for Ukraine” charity concert in London, UK, the singer said on March 2. 

The funds will be used for the purchase of medical equipment and for the restoration of Ukrainian hospitals damaged during Russia’s war on Ukraine.

The show drew dignitaries from several of Ukraine’s allies, including HRH Prince Richard from the United Kingdom, Ukraine’s Ambassador to the UK Vadym Prystaiko, and Canada’s High Commissioner to UK Ralph Goodale.

Okean Elzy press office

Photo: Okean Elzy press office

“During ‘A Night for Ukraine’ in London, I talked about what I had witnessed with my own eyes, felt, and heard over the past year at the front, in shelters, and in hospitals”, the singer wrote on Instagram.

Okean Elzy press office

Photo: Okean Elzy press office

“I sang different things – both Okean Elzy’s songs, and something new, and even Ukrainian folk songs. I’ll say as it is – I’m glad I can attract direct financial aid through my performances, and every time remind the countries that we’re grateful for their support and need even more to continue the fight for victory together.”

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  1. Colin Freeman wrote in the DT last year:

    “Svyatoslav Vakarchuk – arguably Ukraine’s second most influential man – worships John Lennon. But he’s done with giving peace a chance.”

    Btw, I dunno who “Prince Richard” is. They must mean Prince William.
    Or it could be a reincarnated amalgam of Little Richard and Prince?

  2. That was a very noble effort. We should hear a lot more about such things from other artists, wealthy people and VIPs.

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