Ukraine Special Forces entered Bakhmut: Colonel of AFU told how the defense of the city will change

March 4, 2023 – Translated from Ukrainian via Google and OFP

Bakhmut will be defended by the MTR of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 
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The only bridge that connected the exit from Bakhmut to Chasov Yar was destroyed. The Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are working in Bakhmut, who blew up the bridge to complete their tasks.

Colonel of the reserve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, military expert, pilot-instructor Roman Svitan spoke about this on the air of Channel 24. According to him, now the MTR of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will defend the city inside urban areas.

Bakhmut will be defended by MTR of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Svitan noted that a rotation was held among the Ukrainian military. There is information that motorized infantry units left the city, and the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will defend the city.

The Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine suggested that in the near future the defenders would defend Bakhmut inside urban areas. It was for this purpose that motorized infantry units came out, and the bridges were blown up to carry out combat missions.

“The reformatting is very competent and correct, because the Russians came very close to the city. Therefore, the regime was transferred from the work of motorized infantry to the regime of special operations forces,” Svitan believes.

Svitan about the defense of Bakhmut: watch the video

New City Defense Scheme

The commander of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel-General Alexander Syrsky, arrived in Bakhmut, where the fiercest battles continue. In the city, he listened to commanders’ reports on the state of affairs in subordinate units, got acquainted with the problematic issues of increasing the defense capability of our units on the front line.

Roman Svitan noted that this indicates that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are now developing a new scheme for the defense of the city, and the garrison is performing combat missions.

“The task is to hold this line. You can hold it, then destroy the Russian army in large numbers. The first task of any army is to destroy the enemy army,” the military expert added.

British intelligence spoke about the situation in Bakhmut

  • Intense fighting continues in Bakhmut, Donetsk region. Ukrainian defense under the strongest pressure from the Russian invaders. This is reported by the British Ministry of Defense . The agency also reported the destruction of bridges by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • It is noted that the regular troops of Russia and the forces of PMC “Wagner” on March 4 made a further advance to the northern outskirts of the city. This part of Bakhmut is held by Ukraine but is vulnerable to Russian attacks from three sides.
  • According to British intelligence, Ukraine is reinforcing this sector of the front with elite units.
  • In the past 36 hours, two key bridges in Bakhmut have been destroyed, including a vital bridge connecting the city to the last main supply route from Bakhmut to the city of Chasov Yar, intelligence said.
  • British intelligence states that Bakhmut’s supply routes, held by Ukraine, are becoming more and more limited.


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