“Traitor and bastard”: in the Russian Federation, the teacher wished the student a bullet in the temple from the Armed Forces of Ukraine (video)

Marta Gichko13:09, 04.03.23

The reason for this crazy trick was that the guy was late for the line by February 23.

A Russian teacher attacked an eighth-grader with harsh insults for being late for the February 23 meeting dedicated to the occupiers.

The incident involving the “teacher” was caught on video. The footage shows that the teacher in a harsh tone calls her student a “traitor” because he dared to be late for the solemn line.

“For me, you are zero without a wand, nobody. You’ll go tomorrow, and that’s it – I won’t even say hello. You can go to another school … Here you are a traitor. That’s it. What’s wrong? Don’t come to class tomorrow. Bastard. Bastard and all… Traitor. Do you know how many of them are in Ukraine now? A bullet in the temple and that’s it. You are a traitor,” the “teacher” said.

She stated that everyone had to come to the festive line and line up exactly, because this is supposedly one of the manifestations of patriotism. Finally, the teacher promised to write in the student’s description that he was a “bastard”.

https://www.unian.net/player/9CmkX1fRA teacher from the Russian Federation attacked a student

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