The State Duma advised Russian businessmen to buy air defense systems at their own expense

Evgenia Sokolenko15:38, 04.03.23

According to one of the deputies, the Russian Defense Ministry is too busy protecting other objects.

Russian State Duma Deputy Andrei Kartapolov advised businesses to buy air defense systems at their own expense to “protect against Ukrainian drones .”

“There are fairly inexpensive means of combating unmanned aerial vehicles that every self-respecting corporation can purchase and put on their facilities,” propaganda media quoted Kartapolov as saying.

The Russian deputy claims that the Russian Defense Ministry is busy covering state and military facilities, and therefore companies need to take care of their own security.

In his opinion, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and NATO roughly know the location of Russian air defense systems, which makes it possible to launch a drone along a route that bypasses the areas where air defense systems are concentrated. That is why independent purchases of air defense by businesses will allegedly contribute to overall security and will protect oil depots, gas distribution stations, power plants, bridges, overpasses and factories. 

Drone attacks on objects in the Russian Federation

In recent days, attacks by unknown drones have become more frequent in the Russian Federation. So, on February 28, explosions occurred at a military airfield in Yeysk, Krasnodar Territory, and the satellite recorded  traces of a fire  at the airfield.

In addition, the UAVs have almost reached Moscow. Recently it became known that in the suburbs of Kolomna, Moscow region, there was a loud explosion. Before “bavovny” eyewitnesses heard  a whistle. 

Due to the situation, the capital of the terrorist country is strengthening  its air defense . In particular, a radar station for reconnaissance and target designation was installed near the Salaryevo metro station.

Later, a powerful explosion  sounded in the Tula region, but its cause is still unknown. Dead birds were found on the spot.

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