Save who you can: the wives of Irkutsk mobiks appealed to Putin (video)

Yuri Kobzar07:41, 03/04/23

The epic with the Irkutsk mobs, who did not want to storm the Ukrainian positions, received a natural continuation.

The wives and sisters of Russian soldiers mobilized from the Irkutsk region recorded a video message to Russian President Vladimir Putin with pleas to save their men.

In a video that has circulated on social networks, women complain that the Irkutsk mobilized from the 1439th regiment, contrary to promises, were sent to storm, as a result of which they were surrounded.

After several days of this situation, the Irkutsk mobilized were able to get in touch with their relatives and said that they were surrounded – under constant shelling, without water and food. According to the women, the command forbids those surrounded to leave their positions and does not provide any support.

“There are already wounded and dead, who cannot even be taken away from the battlefield! Save those who can still be saved,” the women turned directly to dictator Putin.

Irkutsk “mobiks” in the war in Ukraine

Even at the beginning of the mobilization announced by Putin in the city of Ust-Ilimsk, Irkutsk region, a 25-year-old man shot the head of the draft board . It is known that the shooter should have been mobilized.

Arriving at the front in Ukraine, a group of Irkutsk mobiles from the 1439th regiment was surprised to learn that instead of the promised service at checkpoints, they were going to be sent to storm the Ukrainian pillboxes. Mobiki began to record video messages with requests to save them and send them to the rear to guard checkpoints.

However, the other day it became known that the 1439th regiment was nevertheless sent to storm the Ukrainian fortifications , as a result of which many of the Irkutsk mobiles died.

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  1. Your husbands are all already dead, so dont complain. Now you lost the right for 50 kg of firewood as compensation.

  2. “Are these women so stupid that they believe Putler gives a fuck about their men being used as cannon fodder?

  3. How stupid can a human being get? Ask those who live in Irkutsk. They know. They appeal to the same zombie that started this whole war and refuses to quit.

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