Girkin suggested repeating the experience of the Civil War in Russia

Yuri Kobzar12:14, 04.03.23

The Russian authorities on the ground must fill in the “gaps” made by the Russian army, Girkin believes.

It is time for local authorities in Russia to think about creating their own “municipal” armies , since the Russian army is clearly not coping with the task of defending the country. This was stated by the Russian war criminal and terrorist Igor Girkin (Strelkov) .

Commenting on the words of Russian MP Andrey Kartopolov, who suggested that businesses independently buy air defense systems to protect themselves from air attacks, Girkin admitted that this idea is “in the air.”

“For defense against terrorists and air strikes, each municipality needs to create its own armies, since our nationwide armed forces cannot cope with their duties,” he wrote in his Telegram. 

Girkin recalled that Russia already had a similar historical experience, so there would be no need to start from scratch.

“During the last Civil War… hundreds of self-defense units and just gangs fought among themselves and with those states that arose and disappeared on the territory of the former Russian Empire. Can we repeat?” the terrorist asks.

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  1. Old bean, If you mean its time for Civil War again in Russia, nobody will stop you. Enjoy the ride.

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