For the first time, US is handing over vehicle launched bridges to Ukraine

As part of the new military aid package, the U.S. will for the first time deliver vehicle launched bridges to the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

This was announced on Friday, March 3.

The value of the next military aid package is $400 million.

This military assistance package contains ammunition for howitzers and GMLRS rockets for the U.S.-provided HIMARS.

The package also includes ammunition for Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles and engineering equipment.

Moreover, the new package for the first time provides for an Armored Vehicle Launched Bridges.

M60 AVLB. Photo from open sources

According to American media, it regards the M60 AVLB Armored Vehicle Launched Bridges based on the M60A1 tanks after having the turret removed and a bridge launcher installed instead.

The M60 AVLB is designed to launch bridge for tanks and other wheeled combat vehicles across obstacles in the form of: anti-tank ditches, canals, streams, rivers and ravines of a metal assault bridge, which consists of two sections and is 18 meters long with a carrying capacity of no more than 60 tons to ensure the movement of main battle tanks and other tracked and wheeled combat vehicles and transport.

Armored Vehicle Launched Bridges of the US Army. Photo from open sources

The vehicle accommodates a crew of two people. The driver and the commander are seated side by side in the hull in the place where the tank turret used to be.

The bridge is placed in a folded position on top of the tracked chassis. The hydraulic system for the operation of the bridge is installed at the former place of the tank driver. The bridge structure is launched forward by means of a hydraulic launch bracket. The width of the AVLB carriageway is 3.81 m.

Deployment of M60 AVLB. Photo from open sources

When the M60 AVLB arrives at the location of the obstacle to be overcome, it is raised to a vertical position and only then lowered into place.

The deployment procedure takes about three to five minutes without the crew leaving the vehicle. It takes 10 minutes to fold the bridge back.


  1. This would suggest that a counteroffensive is being planned and nothing is going to be left to chance, unlike russian failures at river crossings.

  2. 3 Shermans in a classic triangle formation devastate nazi rail hub.
    One of my personal favorite tank clips.

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