A schoolgirl who drew an anti-war drawing was refused to be released from the orphanage. Her father, accused of “discrediting” the army, is going to be deprived of parental rights

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Schoolgirl Masha Moskaleva from the town of Efremov, Tula Region, who was sent to a social rehabilitation center after her father Alexei Moskalev was detained in the case of “discrediting” the army, is not going to be released from the orphanage. This was reported to the correspondent of “7 × 7” in the social rehabilitation center No. 5 of the city of Efremov.HISTORY OF THE MOSKALEV FAMILY

As Svetlana Davydova, head of the Commission on Juvenile Affairs of the Efremov administration, told RBC, her department filed a lawsuit in January to limit the parental rights of Alexei Moskalev, as well as Masha’s mother. The official claims that since May 2022 the Moskalev family has been on a “preventive register of families in a socially dangerous situation.” According to her, Masha’s father was brought to administrative responsibility twice and did not attempt to return his daughter to school, and the girl’s mother lived separately and was not interested in her life.

Alexei Moskalev’s lawyer Vladimir Bilienko told RBC that he was not notified of the lawsuit.

The defender told Kommersant that he had already sent complaints to the Prosecutor General’s Office and Ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova about violations of the rights of the father and daughter.

Alexei is under house arrest. According to the court order, only a lawyer, an investigator and people living in the apartment, that is, only Masha, can contact him. My principal is without food, I live in Lipetsk, the investigator will not bring him food, and Masha is not released, despite the investigator’s decision and her constitutional right to live with her father. Even if one of the neighbors or friends brings him food, passes it over the threshold, this will be a violation of the conditions of house arrest, which may threaten a return to the pre-trial detention center.

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