Ukraine asks the EU for 250,000 artillery shells per month – Financial Times

Oleksandr Topchyi00:17, 03/04/23

Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov is seeking a significant increase in the supply of ammunition to alleviate acute shortages.

Ukraine has asked the EU to send 250,000 artillery shells to Kyiv every month to alleviate a critical shortage that is limiting the advancement of Ukrainian troops on the battlefield.

This is reported by  the Financial Times , which has a letter from the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksiy Reznikov, to colleagues from 27 EU member states. In the letter, he notes that the Defense Forces of Ukraine fire only a fifth of the shells they could, due to a lack of supplies.

Reznikov writes that artillery plays a “decisive role in eliminating the enemy’s military power.” According to him, Ukraine used an average of 110,000 155 mm projectiles per month, which is only a quarter of the amount used by Russia.

“If we were not limited by the number of available artillery shells, we could use the full ammunition, which is 594,000 shells per month,” he said, referring to the power of the artillery systems at Ukraine’s disposal.

Reznikov added that for the successful execution of combat tasks, the minimum requirement of the Armed Forces is at least 60% of the full ammunition, or 356,400 shells per month.

The Minister of Defense also noted that he supports the recent EU initiative to increase the production of ammunition in Europe to support Ukraine.

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  1. The world delivers 20% of shells to Ukraine what it needs…………………………………………

    • Sure and in 2011/12, 260,000 Somalis starved to death. 133,000 under the age of five.

      Famines, floods, earthquakes, typhoons and war are all areas where not enough aid is often given. It’s a harsh reality. I wish it were easier to do more.

      • Many of the problems in Africa are self-induced. Despite its inability to feed itself and to establish half-way decent governments, the continent has nothing better to do than to reproduce in an insane rate and to kill its environment and one another. I’ve been seeing terrible pictures of famines there since my childhood. Trillions have been pumped into the place for decades and the only concrete thing that we’ve accomplished with the money is to assure an even higher survival rate, further outstripping Africa’s ability to feed itself, provide jobs and protect the environment. The place is a never-ending story, a vicious circle with no changes in sight.

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