​The UK Defense Intelligence Trolls russians – Russia Boasts the Arena-E APS But Lost More Than 5,000 Armored Vehicles in Ukraine

Russia continues to participate in major international arms exhibitions and tries to offer supposedly modern systems to the international market. However, at the same time, Russian manufacturers cannot ensure serial production of modern military systems developed in the Russian Federation for their own needs – due to technological lag and the inability to use Western components

In particular, Russia showcased its Arena-E active protection system (APS) for armored vehicles at a recent international arms fair, but there is no evidence of APS use on Russian equipment in Ukraine.

That is according to a latest the U.K. Defense Ministry’s Defense Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine.

“The Arena-E active protection system (APS), designed to improve the survivability of armoured vehicles, was displayed at a recent event. Its promotional literature states that it ‘defeats the threats that are most dangerous for armoured vehicles…if you value your armour and crews you need Arena-E’,” the update states.

According to the U.K. Defense Ministry’s Defense Intelligence, “there has been no evidence of Arena-E systems being installed on Russia’s own vehicles in Ukraine, where it has lost over 5,000 armoured vehicles.”

While russia presents its high-tech systems at arms fairs they are unavailable for russian troops and slightly available for buyers – due to russian industry’s inability to manufacture the systems at scale
russian BMP-3 IFV (Front) and an PTS-3 amphibious transport (Rear) destroyed by Ukrainian forces during an offensive in Kharkiv region / Photo credit: https://twitter.com/UAWeapons

As the U.K. Defense Defense Intelligence estimates, “this is likely due to Russian industry’s inability to manufacture high-tech systems at scale; a problem which is exacerbated by the effect of international sanctions.”

As Defense Express reported, the UK Defense Intelligence Said Muddy Conditions Known in Ukrainian as ‘Bezdorizhzhia’ Provides Advantages For Ukraine’s Forces.



  1. ‘defeats the threats that are most dangerous for armoured vehicles…if you value your armour and crews you need Arena-E’,” the update states.

    The question begging to be asked by would be buyers. “If it is so good, why are russian tanks being destroyed by the 100, do you not value your tanks and crew?” Or is this for export only, to countries like India that will buy any russian shit, no matter how many times they are duped?

  2. It’s not the ruSSian tanks/artillery that suck, it’s the doped bums who operate them. Ukrainian forces put quite a few captured ruSSian tanks and artillery systems to good use. 😎

  3. The days of mafia land being a major arms supplier are already over. They can sell their junk to poor countries that are killing each other and thus don’t need anything better, but any country with cash or a real need for defense will think twice or thrice before entering the gun store Mafia Land.

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