The sky over Kyiv and the region is protected – the commander of the United Forces

Evgenia Sokolenko18:41, 03/03/23

According to him, these forces and means are constantly maneuvering so that the Russian Federation does not establish their location.

The commander of the United Forces, Lieutenant General Serhii Naev, said that the sky above the Kyiv region and the capital is currently protected. According to him, an extensive air defense system was created .

“At the moment, the sky above the capital is protected. This conclusion is confirmed by the extensive system of various types of anti-aircraft defense, which are scattered in certain places of the Kyiv region,” said Nayev.

These forces and means are constantly maneuvering in the area so that the Russians do not calculate where exactly the air defense means of Ukraine are located.

“This entire system is constantly maintained in combat readiness. In particular, timely notification and provision of target designations through the appropriate channels of the control system are organized,” Nayev added.

Thanks to this, each calculation and crew in a short period of time receives its own separate task to repel the threat from the air.

Ukrainian air defense: the latest news

The Ukrainian air defense system  shoots down 80% of Russian missiles fired at our country. In some cases, this indicator is even higher.

Since September 2022 alone, the Armed Forces have destroyed more than 650  cruise missiles  and more than 610 kamikaze drones, which Russia used to attack the territory of Ukraine.

The head of the Joint Coordination Press Center of the Southern Defense Forces, Nataliya Gumenyuk, said that massive Russian missile attacks may be a thing of the past.

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