The occupiers are trying to push the armed forces out of Bakhmut, there are 5 km between the groups of the Russian Federation – an expert

Evgenia Sokolenko17:57, 03/03/23

Russian troops began to press from east to west, advancing in the city.

The Russian occupiers have changed their tactics near Bakhmut in the last day – they are not so actively trying to surround the city from the north and south. Now they are trying to push the Armed Forces out of the city.

Military analyst, reserve major of the National Guard, veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Oleksiy Hetman, stated this on the “Espresso” broadcast. According to him, Ukrainian soldiers maintain defense every day.

“Over the last day, the tactics of the Russian invaders have changed – they are not so actively trying to surround Bakhmut from the north and south. In the south, they advanced at least 10 km along the M-03 road and a little less in the north. Between these two groups around Bakhmut, only 5 kilometers “, – he said.

According to the expert, the city west of Bakhmut is under fire control of artillery and mortars.

“In the last day, the Russians began to fight not so much for the capture of the city in these directions, but to push the Ukrainians directly out of the city. They began to press step by step from east to west, advancing in the city. Now the fighting is going on, we are on the defensive,” Hetman emphasized.

The situation near Bakhmut

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksiy Reznikov, said that Russia is losing 500 soldiers every day near Bakhmut.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of the “Wagner” PMC, announced that the city was almost completely surrounded and that there was only one free road left for the Armed Forces.

Yesterday, March 2, one of the air reconnaissance units  was ordered to leave Bakhmut . The military defended the city for 110 days.

According to CNN, on the night of March 2-3,  Russian troops  blew up an important transport facility near Bakhmut. 

Oleksiy Danilov, head of the NSDC, reassured Ukrainians, saying that  Ukraine knows how to act in this situation around Bakhmut .

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  1. Being ignorant to military tactics, I only feel remorse that we lost any lives and are now giving the fuckin orcs a morale victory

  2. Eight years long i had been begging for arms for Ukraine. Except for blankets, heaters, castrated radar and some shitty Javelins nothing was provided. Now, after one year of total terror against Ukraine, they start to ‘consider’ some tanks and ‘eventually’ some planes ‘in the long run’. Donno what’s worse, the invaders or the West Ukraine is running to. Time for the US to step in bad ass!

  3. Just saw this posted by Georgijs of the Ukraine Matters YouTube channel.

    “Hearing news about Bakhmut.
    Can’t share as this is from internal channels. Will see if this will make it to the news cycle.

    Trust in AFU”

      • Me neither, but he has obviously got some inside info. Will watch his channel to see if he posts anything about it.

          • From what I have seen on the Deep State map, there have been no advances for 4 days by the orcs. I think a lot of propaganda is coming out of these Wagner terrorists.

            • I’ve been checking Live Map daily and there are small changes there. Although the situation is getting critical, the AFU is still not surrounded. I’m wondering what the plan is that the AFU is pursuing; a retreat or a pincer movement from the northern and southern mafia salients to trap them in a cauldron or to hold on. I would prefer the second scenario. I do hope that they do have a concrete plan and that it entails causing massive mafia casualties.

              • Better to withdraw and let our guys fight another day. russia will call it a massive victory, compare it to Stalingrad, or whatever. I say let them, losing 30,000 orcs for a destroyed city, is not what I call a victory, and if their plans are to use Bakhmut as a springboard to attack Kramatorsk, well good luck, it’s even better defended than Bakhmut.

  4. “The occupiers are trying to push the armed forces out of Bakhmut…”

    We know, for the past 7 months now…

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