The Netherlands immediately ordered one hundred mobile anti-aircraft guns for Ukraine

The Netherlands will pay for the production of mobile anti-aircraft systems for air defense of Ukraine.

These weapons will be produced in the Czech Republic, reports  Promyslovy Portal  with reference to  Military .

These air defense complexes could be particularly useful in the fight against Iranian kamikaze drones used by Russia.

In addition, the Netherlands will purchase the necessary ammunition for these systems from Czech defense companies.

The Netherlands will pay for one hundred such mobile anti-aircraft systems, said Ales Vytechka, director of the Agency for Intergovernmental Defense Cooperation (AMOS).

Viktor is a mobile anti-aircraft installation with a paired 14.5 mm machine gun

Judging by the reports in the media, we are talking about the Viktor mobile anti-aircraft complex from the Excalibur Army company. As part of the “Gift to Putin” initiative, Czech volunteers collected funds for 15 such installations for the Armed Forces.

The complex is installed on Toyota pickups with a front crew cabin and a rear cargo compartment.

A paired 14.5-mm anti-aircraft machine gun installation is mounted on the car. The ammunition of the module is 300 equipped cartridges and 300 additional ones in reserve. It is stated that the effective firing range is more than 2 kilometers.

The use of a Toyota pickup chassis gives a high level of mobility on the road and in off-road conditions.

The Viktor installation is equipped with a day and night anti-aircraft sight, as well as a sight for direct fire at ground targets.

Viktor is a mobile anti-aircraft installation with a paired 14.5 mm machine gun

Although the partners transfer modern anti-aircraft missile systems to Ukraine, their missiles are expensive and it is irrational to shoot down cheap Iranian-made drones with them. Therefore, after consultations with Ukraine and the Czech defense industry, the Czech Republic offered the Netherlands participation in the project of production and delivery of Viktor anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine. They can effectively fight drones using commonly available and cheap ammunition.

The contract with the Czech company has already been signed, but for security reasons, the Czech Ministry of Defense and the arms companies are not releasing all its details.



  1. Excellent!
    But, why just now, in March? The attacks by drones began months earlier.
    For the life of me, I just can’t figure out the West.

    • I hear ya Sir OFP, the slow drip to even commit to things let alone the time it takes to make that logistically possible really sucks.

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