In the Russian Federation, a referendum was held for the independence of five republics

Lyudmila Zhernovska13:49, 03.03.23

According to the organizers, 5.6 million people took part in the referendum.

Online referendums on secession from the Russian Federation were held in five Russian regions.

“National online referendum on self-determination of the republics of the Russian Federation” was held by initiative groups from various regions of the Russian Federation. Voting took place from February 16 to 28 on the referendum website , 5.6 million people took part in it. 

They voted for the independence of Konigsberg (Kaliningrad and region), Ingria (St. Petersburg and Leningrad region), Kuban (Krasnodar region), Siberia and the Urals. VIDEO OF THE DAYPlay Video

  • Koenigsberg: 72.1% for independence from Moscow, 27.9% – against.
  • Ingria: 66.2% for independence, 33.8% – against.
  • Kuban: 55.7% for independence, 44.3% – against.
  • Siberia: 63.9% for independence, 36.1% – against.
  • Urals: 68.2% for independence, 31.8% – against.

“The results of the online referendums showed two important trends. First, the ideas of regional independence have taken root in the society of the peoples inhabiting the “Russian Empire”. Second, the Russian government is afraid of us, free citizens, and the results of our expression of will. Successful referendums are only the first swallow on the path of self-determination of the republics. Ingria, Konigsberg, Kuban, Siberia and the Urals will be free!” – said the organizers.


The future of Russia: forecasts 

It will be recalled that the head of Ukrainian intelligence, Kyrylo Budanov, believes that  Russia expects a transfer of power in 2023 . In his opinion, Ukraine will need  to have some form of control over the Russian Federation after the war .

Meanwhile, the advisor to the head of the President’s Office, Mykhailo Podolyak, is convinced that after the failure of the Russian army in Ukraine,  the ethnic republics of the Russian Federation will begin to present ultimate demands to the Kremlin . 

According to the GUR, last year on the territory of the Russian Federation, about 40 cases of the work of rail partisans were recorded . 

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  1. Moskali will not be so open to such moves. Depends on who controls or is in the armed forces IMO

    • Now is the time to claim independence and seize freedom, Vladolf is busy and so are his torturers and rapists. Now is the time to stand up to the local Berkut and Siloviki and shut them down once and for all. The courage of you Ukrainians have inspired the world and instilled fear in the Autocrats, that’s why they’re pooling their resources now.

  2. Nice, but the many who prefer to remain being drunken, stupefied slaves is baffling.

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