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Mar 2

Last year the US spend 5,7% of the 2022 defence budget on aid for Ukraine. For 5,7% which equals 0,25% of the US GDP they have cut the russian military in half, with help from brave Ukrainians on the ground and additional military help from other Western countries. In total NATO countries have spend less then 0,12% of the GDP for military aid for Ukraine in 2022.

I can not think of one CEO in a larger company who would not spend 0,25% of one years turnover to cut the nearest competitor in half….

Percent of 2022 defence budgets used for military aid Ukraine*

14,5% Poland

10,4% Denmark

7,2% United Kingdom

6,9 % Norway

5,7% US

5,5% The Netherlands

4,8% Canada

4,2% Germany

1,4% France

0,2% Italy

That is less then 0,12% of the GDP of the NATO alliance countries. Image where 1% of GDP will take us. And we must remember that those who pay by far the highest price is the Ukrainian people, who decided to hold their ground and fight for their freedom and independence.

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*note that countries can have high percent, if their defence budgets were low in advance.

*Some countries like the Baltic States would most likely be around 25-30% of their military budgets, but do not have the exact data

Picture is US Carrier Ronald Reagan during drills in South Korea September 2022.

Comments :

Glen Grant: “The Baltics are missing from this list.”

Jens Jensen: “Yes, did not have their numbers, but sources state they are between 25-44% of 2022 defense budgets.”

Shaun Topham: “This is a brilliant post Jens. It is not only true, it is also business-like. The figures speak for themselves and they say a lot.”

An unbelievable comment from Matthew Guy Collins, who is General Manager at SunAnt Interactive LLC. : “In all honesty (and having asked this myriad times over the last year), can someone make a compelling case for US interests in this conflict? I have no dog in the fight (other than my tax dollars) and I don’t get it. This is a truly honest question. What is the case for US involvement? Serious answers only, please.”

He got quite a few replies. Here is just one from Chris P: “Did you not consider that it’s the morally right thing to do, in itself that’s enough.
That 5% of the national defence budget of America puts its lifelong nemesis Russia on its knees.
Other than that America encouraged Ukraine to give up its nuclear arms in an agreement that provided assurances it would not be invaded by Russia & in that case it would be protected “The Budapest memorandum.”
Wrap those 3 together no need to choose only 1 as they’re all relevant. I didn’t mention UN or NATO even 1 time but there motivations within those organisations also. It’s 1 year in I’m pleased your gaining interest.


  1. Those sorry individuals who keep juggling pure numbers of dollars that this war is costing us, blithely ignore the facts that we are obliged to help Ukraine simply due to the Budapest Memorandum and, as the article pointed out, we’re getting rid of an evil enemy. It should be noted that we’re also getting rid of a wicked regime that is a crime syndicate pretending to be a government and, concurrently, will secure our place on this globe as the leader of freedom and democracy, a globe whose majority of people are still living under despotism and suppression. To achieve all of this we should even be spending a whole lot more money!!!

    • Jake Broe worked out the cost on his YouTube channel. It’s costing the US taxpayers 50c a day to destroy the mafia army.

      • The pro-ruskie morons make it sound so much to help Ukraine, but, for us, it’s just peanuts.

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