Explosions were heard near the flight school in Krasnodar (photo)

Lyudmila Zhernovska14:40, 03.03.23

The Ministry of Emergency Situations said that the fire broke out in a field.

On March 3, a fire broke out in the Russian city of Krasnodar , before which local residents heard loud explosions.

In the afternoon, relevant photos appeared on social networks. It was reported that the fire started on the territory of the higher military aviation school of pilots named after A.K. Serova. The administration of Krasnodar reported in Telegram that no reports about the events were received by the single duty dispatch service. “Probably, ‘cotton’ is the transition of the plane to supersonic speed,” the report says.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Emergency Situations initially told the publication “Bloknot Krasnadar” that they were going to eliminate the fire in the field, but later said that “the area of ​​fire is in the area of ​​responsibility of another department.”

In the school named after A.K. Serov said that there were no fires or explosions on the territory of the institution, the airfield and the surrounding lands.

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