Bundestag call Merkel responsible for war in Ukraine due to blocking its entry into NATO

Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, Head of the Defence Committee in the German Bundestag, has criticised the decisions made by former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, which, in her opinion, made a full-scale Russian attack on Ukraine possible.

Source: Strack-Zimmermann in an interview with German TV channels RTL and n-tv, as reported by European Pravda

Details: She recalled that there were many supporters of the early admission of Ukraine into NATO in 2008, but Germany and France opposed it because of Russia’s position.

According to the politician, the fact that the Ukrainians did not join NATO “was a big mistake on the part of the French and Angela Merkel at that time.”

Strack-Zimmermann also believes that Germany should have sided with Ukraine and supported it with weapons after the Russian full-scale invasion. But it would be necessary to “rewrite the history of Angela Merkel, especially the history of the last few years and complete miscalculations.”

Commenting on the prospects for the conflict, the head of the Bundestag Defence Committee suggested that it is unlikely to last as long as the First or Second World Wars.

At the same time, she added, Russian President Vladimir Putin had not counted on the broad and sustained support of Ukraine.



  1. Merkel is a Russian agent. Evidence is overwhelming.


    As is Schroeder and by definition anyone else in the western democracies who work for kremlin entities in the fields of energy, media etc, such as Assange, Farage, Galloway, Max Kieser, Afshin Rattansi, Stacey Herbert, Peter Lavelle, Alex Salmond, Steve Bannon, Alex Jones, Richard B Spencer and many, many others.

      • My list was very small, off the top of my head and RT focussed. But yes she should be near the top. I have written about her before and concluded that she has been kremlin-trained.
        Pro-Trump: check
        Friend of Nigel Farage : check
        Fan of Fucker Karlsonov : check
        Adores puker : check
        Anti-Semitic : check
        Visceral hatred of Zel: check
        Visceral hatred of Ukraine: check
        Lover of absurd kremlin generated conspiracy theories: check
        Alex Jones fan: check
        This skank even coined the phrase; without irony: “Russian lives matter.”
        She really stinks. She spent a few years cultivating a charming image as a handsome young black conservative: a dream for the GOP. Never said fuck all about Ukraine and then when the Holocaust was imminent she was “activated.”

  2. The Bundestag is right about the skank Merkel. For her guilt in making this war possible, Merkel belongs in prison.
    Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann has been an outspoken supporter of Ukrainian military aid. Of course, her opinion about Merkel is spot on, and it reflects our own and anyone else’s who isn’t the mafia runt’s little errand boy or girl.

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