The Russians deployed a radar near a metro station in Moscow

A radar station designed to detect aircraft was set up near the Salaryevo metro station in Moscow.

The video from this radar was published by the Sirena telegram channel, Militarny writes .

The occupiers deployed a radar at the final stop of bus #420 near the subway, which is approximately 20 km from the center of the Russian capital. How long the station is there is unknown.

Judging by the image, this is the Russian P-18-2 “Prima” radar, which is designed to detect, track and determine the coordinates of air objects of various classes and types.

The calculation of the radar station is 2 people who can work both from the equipped cabin and from remote workplaces.

It is stated that P-18-2 “Prima” has a high degree of automation. All the equipment and the antenna-mast device are placed on one machine, the time of deploying and collapsing the station is about 5 minutes.

The station is equipped with satellite navigation equipment working with GLONASS/GPS signals, which provide automatic orientation. It includes a built-in diesel power plant and a power take-off generator. In addition, the station can be connected to a three-phase network of general purpose.

Radar works in the meter wave range. It is capable of detecting all aircraft at a maximum range of 320 km. The minimum detection range is 500 meters.

Let us remind you that in January, the Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile and gun complex was installed on houses in the center of Moscow and near the Rublevskoye highway near Moscow, where the Russian elite lives.

Subsequently, it became known that the Russian anti-aircraft defense is protecting the residence of the leader of the aggressor country, Vladimir Putin.




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