Russian Media Reported Fighting In Bryansk Region

(Updated) The Office of the President of Ukraine has hinted at “Russian partisans”.


Russian media reported “fighting with a Ukrainian DRG, which penetrated the territory of the region”.

Russian propaganda media wrote that clashes took place in Lubechany and Sushany.

Later, representatives of the Russian Volunteer Corps (RVC]) claimed responsibility for the situation in the Bryansk Region.

The volunteers published a video to show that the Russian people can fight for their freedom.

Note that the RVC is part of the International Legion of Ukraine.

“The Ukrainian DRG did not enter the territory of the Russian Federation,” said Mykhailo Podolyak, the adviser to the Office of the President of Ukraine. He also hinted that it could be operated by the “Russian partisans”.

The Ukrainian Defence Intelligence also commented on the situation. Andriy Yusov said that the situation in the Bryansk Region is “a continuation of the transformation of Russia and its cleansing from Putin”.

Representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not comment on the situation.

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