Putin cancels trip to Stavropol Krai in response to reports that ‘Ukrainian saboteurs’ have entered Bryansk region

Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said Thursday that Vladimir Putin has canceled a planned trip to Stavropol Krai in light of the events in Russia’s Bryansk region, where the Russian authorities have said “Ukrainian saboteurs” have entered the country.

Putin was slated to take part in a ceremony marking this year as the “Year of the Teacher” in Russia. According to Peskov, Putin will now participate in the ceremony online.




  1. Zelensky visits Bakhmut, Biden visits Kyiv. Little Putler hides quaking in his bunker because of some imaginary saboteurs, reportedly 1500km from the place he was supposed to visit.

  2. Brand new Russian militairy plane exploded in Uljanovsk in the hangar. Strange things happen in Russia….when ‘you are just not there’.

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