New Jetpack App

Notifications for mobile phone users about the new Jetpack app are circulating. Here is a screenshot of the features in the app, compared to the WordPress app.


  1. Jeez!
    How do they get our browsing data?
    Does that mean their cookies can collect info from every site we visit?
    And how do they harvest our IP’s?
    Any idea?

      • Same here. When i was on an older Android build i had problems with notifications and likes. But now that i have an Android 9 tablet i never ran into an issue. Had always been wondering what this Jetpack is. Now i know, that i don’t need it. 😁

      • Just noticed that my WP app is ‘Jetpack powered’. Seems it is integrated into the WP app. This means i’m already on Jetpack. May explain why the issues i had older builds are gone now. 😎

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