In Ulyanovsk, a military plane exploded right in the hangar, one person was killed

Yury Kobzar14:17, 02.03.23

Test ground tests of a military transporter were conducted at the aircraft factory and the plane was destroyed in the process.

A military transport plane exploded during ground tests in Ulyanovsk, Russia . One person died. This was reported by the press service of the “United Aircraft Corporation” on social networks.

“A tragic incident occurred at the Aviastar plant during testing of the fuselage compartment of an aircraft in production. Several employees of the enterprise were injured, one died,” the message reads.

According to the Telegram channel “Baza” , the fuselage of the Il-76 MD aircraft was tested in the hangar using pressurized air. At that moment, depressurization occurred and the aircraft body collapsed.

According to TASS , as a result of the incident, six workers of the plant were injured, one more died.

Incidents with airplanes in Russia

Even before the introduction of Western sanctions for the invasion of Ukraine, Russian aviation had a reputation as one of the most dangerous and dangerous in the world. However, now the situation has significantly worsened, and the Russians are already flying in planes that literally fall apart in flight .

In such conditions, Russian airlines have to disassemble some planes for spare parts in order to repair others.

However, emergency situations in Russians occur not only with civil aviation. Their military planes also crash very often. Sometimes – just for residential high-rise buildings .

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