He arrived in Ukraine with an EU passport and tried to disrupt the supply of weapons: a Russian saboteur was detained in the Rivne region

The agent of the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Federation (better known as the GRU), who planned sabotage at one of the key objects of the Rivne transport system, was exposed by law enforcement officers.

According to the press service of the SBU, thanks to the sabotage, the enemy wanted to disrupt the supply of foreign weapons for the Defense Forces on the eastern and southern fronts.

To complete the task, the attacker arrived in Ukraine on February 19 under the guise of a resident of one of the European countries. While crossing the state border, I used the passport of an EU citizen.

In the Rivne region, he conducted reconnaissance near a strategic transport artery to determine the location of an explosive device, examined the object and observed the frequency of train passage.

After that, he had to install explosives in the most vulnerable spot on the site and blow it up. However, the SBU officers detained the attacker at the stage of preparing the sabotage.

It turned out that the man has a permanent residence permit in the Russian Federation and is part of the undercover apparatus of the Russian military intelligence. Since 2014, he has been performing enemy missions against the forces of the anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine. To do this, he joined the “stronghold” group, and then the so-called “khan battalion”.

After a full-scale invasion, he joined the ranks of the Russian occupation group “Kherson” and actively participated in the hostilities against Ukrainian troops in the Zaporozhye and Kherson directions.

In September last year, the attacker returned to Russia, where he was given the task of carrying out reconnaissance and subversive activities in the northwestern region of Ukraine. The saboteur’s curator was a staff member of the GRU, with whom he kept in touch via Telegram.

In addition to preparing for the sabotage, the attacker transmitted to the Russian Federation intelligence about the deployment of units of the Defense Forces on the territory of the Rivne region, including local military registration and enlistment offices.

The defendant has already been informed of the suspicion. The court sent him into custody.


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  1. The Ukrainians should star executing men like that. I’d introduce electrocution as the method. Then, the crooks can get a “charge” out of their crimes.

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