From the LinkedIn page of Volodymyr Kukharenko

March 2

Another day, another residential building was destroyed by Ruzzian rocket. With people inside. Civilians, not soldiers. People like any of you.

At the same time, the population of Ruzzia is in complete apathy with the dominant thought “Do whatever you want as you are not taking me to the army. But if you take, then I will go, what else I can do?”

And many businesses (both small and big), abroad of Russia are turning their heads from photos like this and continue working with Russian companies fuelling the economy that finances this destruction. We cannot forbid them from doing it, but at least we can put show photos as this every day it happens.

Yes, it is business-related. No, I am not buying lame excuses that they are “caring about common Russian people” and are “out of politics”. Because if businesses cut the relationship with Russians completely, they will be begging for food by now instead of drafting another 300k people to perish on the front line.

And when the war is over, and I will be able to attend conferences, do not expect me or other Ukrainians to be tolerant of those who were hiding their heads in the sand. We won’t forget.

So whoever still works with Russian businesses, have another look at this photo before you go to sleep. Imagine that you are sleeping in this building. And think over it.

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