From the FB page; Pray for Ukraine

Jack Swindle

March 2

🇺🇦 Day 371 of the war in Ukraine!
The city of Bakhmut is still under extremely heavy fighting. Russia has completely leveled the town. All buildings have been destroyed and Russia has moved unimaginable amounts of military troops to the area. Artillery is nonstop and raining down on the city like the monsoon season. Roads are destroyed and unsafe preventing ammunition, food and medical supplies in, which is so badly needed. It is next to impossible to get to the wounded soldiers and civilians to take them out of the area for treatment. It is like an apocalyptic nightmare right here on earth in the 21st century. When will the rest of the world realize how urgent and important it is to move quickly and not allow this malignant cancer to grow and spread on our own planet? Again please pray for Bakhmut and its northern regions.


  1. If I were POTUS, there would be squadrons of B-52s over mafia cities, leveling them, starting with the deepest shithole Moscow.

  2. “Russia has completely leveled the town.”
    Not sure how other readers interpret this statement, but to me leveled means down to the foundation. When they say completely leveled, I would take it to mean all structures reduced to their foundations. Though many structures are just that, many though damaged still stand. Leads me to take this statement as hyperbole, misleading, and inaccurate.
    Praying for Ukraine, those that love Ukraine there, the AFU and yes Bakhmut.
    Praying that modern jets, choppers, long range missiles, and abilities to bolster the layers of air-defense are released into the hands of the AFU. Glory be to God for His provision, Slava Ukraini, Heroyam Slava!!!

    A preacher I heard a while back posed an interesting question. What if you only had today, what you were thankful for yesterday?

    • No It’s not hyperbole. It has been levelled, just as Mariupol was. Just because not all buildings were destroyed, it does not make it a hyperbolic statement.
      The writer is himself an evangelical preacher, so I thought you’d have more respect for his perfectly reasonable description of the total horror inflicted by subhuman nazi savages.

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