An explosion thundered in Kolomna near Moscow, the Russians are in a panic (photo, video)

Katerina Chernovol22:43, 03/02/23

Kolomna is only 93 kilometers from Moscow.

On the evening of Thursday, March 2, 2023, information appeared on the network that a loud explosion had occurred in the suburbs of Kolomna, Moscow Region . Eyewitnesses note that a whistle was heard before the “clap”. 

“The loud sound of the explosion was heard by residents of the suburbs of Kolomna, nothing was heard in the central districts of the city. The explosion may be the result of work that, according to a Readovka source, is being carried out at a quarry,” reports the Russian telegram channel Readovka . 

It is noted that law enforcement officers and rescuers left for the site of the explosion in the suburbs of Kolomna, which is located just 93 kilometers from Moscow.

Distance from Kolomna to Moscow / screenshot
Distance from Kolomna to Moscow / screenshot

Explosions in Kolomna

At the same time, the press service of the administration of the Kolomna city district told the RBC propaganda resource that the details of the explosion in Kolomna are still unknown.

“Law enforcement officers and rescuers left for the scene,” the newspaper writes.

Consequences of the explosion in Kolomna / social networks
Consequences of the explosion in Kolomna / social networks

Eyewitnesses are already sharing the details of the incident. Russian Telegram channels report that the explosion occurred, presumably from the direction of Peskov/Cherkizovo. According to witnesses, at first a whistle was heard, then an explosion thundered in the area of ​​the local landfill. After that, there was smoke and a glow. In addition, windows trembled from the shock wave in the lower Khoroshevo.

Videos are also being published showing the consequences of the “clap”.Consequences of the explosion in Kolomna

In the comments, the Russians note that during the explosion “the house in Cherkizovo shuddered.” Some are already thinking “where to run.”

“From the Sands, the glow is not visible, but it banged notably. Definitely not a quarry. An explosive wave passed through the house,” one of the comments says.

photo - social networks
photo – social networks
photo - social networks
photo – social networks

It is noteworthy that one of the leading Russian design and research and production centers in the field of military equipment is located in Kolomna, where, among other things, the Iskander missile systems were developed. 

Explosions in Russia: latest news

On February 28, powerful explosions were heard at a military airfield in Yeysk, Krasnodar Territory. Drone attacks were reported, other users wrote about a missile attack. 

Later, “Schemes” shared satellite images of the test site near the airfield in Yeysk. The photo showed traces of a fire . At the same time, whether the airfield itself was damaged is unknown, since the satellite has not yet recorded it.

Against the backdrop of such incidents, Moscow continues to strengthen its air defense . A radar reconnaissance and target designation station was installed near the Salaryevo metro station. It is noted that this is P-18-2 Prima.

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