US sends Doomsday plane to Europe

Evgenia Sokolenko 07:12, 03/01/23

He performs an operation in the area of ​​​​responsibility of the European Command of the US Armed Forces.

An E-6B Mercury landed in Europe on February 28. It has the status of an “air command post” of the US Strategic Command. It is also called the doomsday plane .

“A U.S. Navy E-6B Mercury aircraft arrived in Iceland operating in the U.S. European Command area of ​​responsibility,” U.S.   Forces Europe Command said on Twitter .

It is indicated that the crew of the board met with the United States Ambassador to Iceland Kerrin Patman and other members of the diplomatic and military community.

What is known about this aircraft

The E-6B Mercury is an American military strategic command and control aircraft.

This board is designed to communicate with strategic nuclear missile cruisers, which are carriers of intercontinental ballistic missiles. We are talking about Ohio-class submarines, each of which can carry up to 24 Trident II D5 missiles with nuclear warheads.

The E-6B Mercury itself is a modification of the Boeing 707-320 passenger airliner. it is capable of reaching speeds of 981 km/h with a cruising speed of 842 km/h. The maximum altitude for this is 12.8 km. The practical range is 11,760 km.

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