Two-thirds of Ukrainians who went abroad returned home – Migration Service

The Migration Service in the Odessa region does not have exact data on how many residents of the region have moved abroad due to the full-scale invasion.

Olena Pogrebnyak, Head of the Main Directorate of the Migration Service in the Odessa region, announced this during a briefing at Media Center Ukraine – Odesa.

According to her, about a third of those who issued passports in the Odessa region and left the country did not return.

“We do not have exact data, the migration pattern changes daily, but speaking very roughly, two-thirds of those who left have returned home. And we can’t say anything about Odessa residents, because people from all over the country processed documents, especially many of those regions that were occupied or those where active hostilities continued: these are Donbass, Kherson region, Kharkiv region, Sumy region, Chernihiv region, Kiev region and etc. Odessa region, one might say, became the host, although Odessans also left. Many settled in Bessarabia, closer to the border, people are calmer there,” said Elena Pogrebnyak.

The fact that many families live in two countries and periodically move between them adds to the complexity of maintaining statistical data.

Elena Pogrebnyak also added that the majority of those who received passports are elderly people and children.

“Everything is very simple here: many of the 20-60 years old category already had the appropriate documents due to the fact that they had the opportunity to travel and work abroad,” she said.



  1. Good. Being forced into prostitution by the turkish mafia in Germany is worse than being in Odesa while the rats keep bombing. I advice women to flee to Višegrad states only. Western Europe is too dangerous for young women and children.

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  2. Other than “refugees” from Syria, Afghanistan, Africa and so on, those from Ukraine are true refugees. They are also nearly all women and children, with a sprinkling of older men among them. I saw this on news reports and, in real life, during the two times I’ve travelled to Ukraine since the war started. The Ukrainian men in fighting age want to or must remain in the country to help the war effort, while the other “refugees” let Western clowns do their fighting or pay for their livelihood.

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