The EU will increase the production of ammunition for Ukraine this spring – Spiegel

Veronika Prokhorenko19:08, 01.03.23

Their plan for the supply of 155-mm artillery shells to Ukraine in the EU will be presented tomorrow, March 2.

The European Commission announced its plans to increase the production of ammunition to supply Ukraine this spring. The organization also plans to replenish its own stocks in warehouses in the EU. Days earlier, the EU also  promised to transfer fighter jets to Kiev .

It is expected that EU head Ursula von der Leyen will present the relevant initiative to EU members on Thursday, March 2, as part of a plan for military assistance to Ukraine. The document came into the possession of the journalists of the publication  Spiegel , it consists of three components.

The first important aspect is the increase in the production and supply of 155-mm artillery shells to Ukraine – the EU plans to cover the costs with the European Peace Fund (EPF).

The second component provides for the provision of the EU’s own stockpile of 155 mm projectiles in cooperation with the European Defense Agency EDA.

The third component fixes the long-term formation of European ammunition production capacities, which will be adjusted depending on the current security situation in the region. 

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