Russia lost the biggest tank battle of the war near Vuhledar – The New York Times

Oleg Davygora17:35, 03/01/23

Ambushes have become a signature tactic of the Ukrainian military against armored columns.

The February three-week assault on Ugledar by the invaders became the largest tank battle during the war and turned into a painful failure for Russia.

The Ukrainian military told The New York Times that they “studyed the roads, then hid and waited” to break up the ambush columns. It was ambushes that were Ukraine’s signature tactic against Russian armored columns from the first days of the war.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine worked on columns of armored vehicles of the invaders not only from Soviet-style complexes, but also using American Javelin anti-tank systems and M777 howitzers, French Caesar self-propelled guns and even HIMARS missile systems, the newspaper notes.

According to the commanders of the 72nd brigade, the battle for Vugledar “was the biggest tank battle of this war”, in which Russia lost at least 130 tanks and armored personnel carriers.

The situation near Vuhledar: details

The Russian military near Vuhledar,  Donetsk region, suffered significant losses . British intelligence has published a satellite image from the Ugledar direction, which shows the amount of destroyed Russian military equipment, which belonged to the 155th Marine Brigade, it is considered the elite of the Russian army.

The invaders lost from 150 to 300 people a day during the assault. The APU confirmed this  in a comment to Politico. 

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  1. The ukrainian command must stop all corruption and treason and hammer the invaders in Donbas. ‘Operation Hellfire’ is overdue! 🇺🇦

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