NBC News is making Russian propaganda videos

Professor Roman Sheremeta has commented on this disgusting outrage on his FB page:

“The American TV channel NBC published a report from the russian-annexed Crimea. The journalist entered the peninsula in violation of Ukrainian law through the Crimean bridge. This type of journalism is disgusting and I hope appropriate actions will be taken against the violators.”

“P.S. I could not help but read the comments under the NBC video and to no surprise almost all comments come from russians, russian bots, and trolls.”


  1. The arsehole who fronted that piece of kremkrapp; sorry to say he’s English, needs to be held to account. If anyone recognises who he is, let me know.
    Before putler’s full holocaust started, I had an exchange of emails with the Ukrainian embassy in London concerning the poisonous lies put out by Peter Hitchens.
    I got a courteous reply, but they had no intention of taking it up with Hitchens’ employer.
    This is a mistake I believe, because Hitchens has carried on in the same vein since then. His compassion is reserved exclusively for putinazi scum.
    I think someone should contact the Ukr embassy in the US about this NBC guy.
    Fucker Karlsonov pumps out lies and hate in his polemics for Fox; that is appalling enough, but the NBC turd has gone further because he has spat upon Ukrainian law.

  2. It’s really sad that people would allow themselves to be made a tool of Russian propaganda.
    Mourning for loves ones is universal and civilian losses is really why America withdrew support for Vietnam. I get that. I don’t expect that to ever really change.

    However, those who shot this piece got fooled. I am really disappointed in MSNBC.

    Anyone favorable towards Russia is free to leave anytime. They have no right to violently force those closer to Ukraine to leave. Crimea’s status was decided in a legal and just way and that is being brutally and inhumanely attacked by a dictator who wants more resources for the Oligarchs supporting him.

    • Sir Honestly I would not blast a media because of one journalist. Don’t misunderstand me I think MSNBC is a POS media but I wouldn’t condemn them for one story. It’s their form and bias that I have an issue.

  3. What exactly is makes this video Russian propaganda?
    I think a journalist should be able to go anywhere.
    The video does not put Russia in any positive light.

    I honestly don’t see much of a problem with this video.

    • FFS bert, you sound like an exceptionally stupid troll. Did you even read what Prof
      Sheremeta said? Crimea belongs to Ukraine. Ukraine law does not permit foreigners, or RuZZians come to that, to enter Crimea from anywhere other than Ukrainian territory. That means that until the war ends no one can legally enter Crimea.
      This fuckhead obtained a RuZiZian visa and entered Crimea on it. You still don’t understand that that is totally wrong for anyone, let alone an employee of a high profile media outlet?
      Do you think RuZZia allows foreigners to enter on a Ukrainian visa?
      Then the bastard voxpopped skanky putinazi scum that promoted exclusively kremprop.
      Cooperating with RuZZia in this repulsive way is an endorsement of genocide.
      You get it yet?

      • But the video put Russia in a negative light.
        Of course Crimea is Ukraine but shouldn’t journalists go anywhere to report on the situation?

        The video reported on human rights abuses, propaganda and brainwashed people.

        Of course I think no one should go to Crimea for a holiday, business or to give a concert, but I don’t see much of a problem with a journalist going to Crimea to report on the situation there: if no reporters go there Crimea also won’t be in the news and I think the issue should be under constant attention by the press.

        If it was a journalist saying that everything was fine in Crimea and that Crimea belonged to Russia I would say the journalist should hang, but he didn’t.

        I think no one questions war journalists to be in Nagorno-Karabakh or in Northern-Syria, even though these places are occupied.

        I honestly don’t think anyone would argue that Crimea belongs to Russia after this video or now would think favourably about Putin.

        I am not a troll, I would defend the blockade of Crimea at all costs but I think journalists should be able to go anywhere as out of sight is out of mind.

  4. The problem I have is when journalists conflate facts with opinion and put forward that their opinion is fact. Frankly I don’t care what they say provided it’s factually correct or identify that it’s an opinion.

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