EU exports to Ukraine have reached the level that was before the start of a full-scale war

Exports from the countries of the European Union to Ukraine in 2022 rose again to the level that was before the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February last year.

This is evidenced by the data of the statistical office of the EU Eurostat, writes “European Truth”.

It is noted that EU trade with Ukraine was hit hard by the start of the Russian invasion, with the first major disruption recorded in February-March 2022, when the share of Ukraine decreased in both imports and exports (-40% and -56% respectively).

However, in December 2022, Ukraine’s share in exports exceeded the pre-war level (1.5% in December compared to 1.2% in February 2022), while in imports it remained slightly lower (1.0% compared to 1.1 %).

According to Eurostat, the most important imported commodities are sunflower oil, corn and rapeseed.

Looking at six key commodities, selected for their importance to total imports from outside the EU, Ukraine’s share has declined for products such as sunflower oil (79.8% in 2022 compared to 87.5% in 2021; – 7.7 percentage points), corn (47.5% compared to 50.7%; -3.1 percentage points), rapeseed and colza seeds (31.0% compared to 39.2%; -8.2 percentage points), as well as iron and steel (4.4% compared to 10.7%; -6.3 percentage points).



    • I’m no economist but to me it looks like Ukraine did very, very well considering they were under a full Nazi invasion last year. The only people hiding under their desks and getting their panties in a wad were in Moscow and Brussels.

  1. This goes to show you what a potential powerhouse Ukraine could be if it weren’t fighting off a huge evil monster and could vastly reduce its corruption. The day will come when both are defeated. I believe in Ukraine.

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