China supplies satellite imagery to Wagner Group – State Department

Yuri Kobzar08:10, 03/01/23

Space images are being handed over to mercenaries by a company that has already come under US sanctions.

The Chinese satellite company Spacety supplies satellite imagery for the Wagner Group fighting in Ukraine . Daniel Kritenbrink, Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, told about this at a hearing in the US Congress, Sky News reports .

It is noted that Spacety specializes in small satellites and satellite services. The main base of the company is in Beijing, but there is also an international headquarters in Luxembourg.

Previously, the company assured that it complies with international sanctions against Russia and does not conduct any business with the Russians. However, Spacety has recently been blacklisted for US trade

Wagner Group in the war against Ukraine

Ukrainian intelligence records the withdrawal of Wagner Group units from positions in the Bakhmut area. They are replaced by soldiers of the regular army of Russia. The rotation is carried out due to the colossal losses of the invaders.

Against the background of the depletion of human resources in the group, the Wagner commanders stopped practicing executions as a common measure of punishment. All due to the fact that there are already too few people left in Wagner.

The owner of the group, oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, does not hide the fact that his units have the highest level of losses. Recently, he recorded a video against the background of a mountain of corpses of his mercenaries and complained about the lack of ammunition.

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