Belarus will support China on all sensitive issues – Lukashenko

Artem Budrin14:01, 03/01/23

This includes Hong Kong and Taiwan.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that he greatly appreciates the cooperation between Beijing and Minsk. The dictator during the talks in China said that Minsk supports the principle of “One China”.

“We greatly appreciate the close strategic cooperation with your country in the international arena. Our countries have consistently supported each other on important key issues on the world agenda. We condemn actions aimed at escalating tensions around Taiwan.

Belarus has always adhered to the “One China” principle, advocated a peaceful solution and categorically opposed the interference of foreign states in the internal affairs of the PRC. Minsk has supported and will continue to support Beijing on all sensitive issues. Including Xinjiang, the South China Sea, Hong Kong and Taiwan,” Belta reports Lukashenka’s words .

The President did not stop in his attempts to flatter Xi Jinping. Lukashenka continued to praise China. In addition, he drew parallels with Belarus, because, according to him, the policy of Minsk is similar to the policy of Beijing.

“China has become a world power. Without China today it is impossible to solve any issue on our planet. China is a supporter of a multipolar world. We are pursuing the same policy. In general, the policy both inside China and inside Belarus is similar. The international agenda is completely supported. We act in the same vein,” Lukashenka said.

Lukashenka and his visit to China

The President of Belarus arrived in Beijing on February 28. His visit will last three days.

Interestingly, Lukashenka flew to the capital of China on an American-made plane . Minsk bought the plane from Turkmenistan after the local president refused to fly on this device.

Lukashenko and Xi Jinping adopted a statement on the basic principles for developing exemplary relations of all-weather and comprehensive strategic partnership. In addition, several other documents on cooperation were signed, including those concerning educational programs. Both heads of state met on 1 March.

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