Ukrainian drone crashed in the Moscow region, airspace was closed over St. Petersburg due to a UFO (photo, updated)

On the morning of February 28, the sky over several western regions of Russia was closed due to the detection of unidentified drones.

The authorities of the aggressor country announced in St. Petersburg the so-called “Carpet” plan.

At about 10 am (Kyiv time), Russian air defense detected an unknown drone 200 km from St. Petersburg, moving towards the northern capital. A few minutes later, the airspace in the Leningrad, Pskov, Tver and Novgorod regions was closed.

Regular planes moving towards St. Petersburg were redirected to other airports, and six planes that took off from Moscow airports to St. Petersburg returned back.

A flying command post Il-96-300 PU1 and a pair of fighters appeared in the sky, according to preliminary information, MiG-31 and Su-35.

At 11 o’clock the airspace was reopened. According to one information, the drone “disappeared”, according to another – it was shot down.

At the same time, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation states that there was no UAV at all. Allegedly, a “training on interaction with civil air traffic control in the Western area of ​​\u200b\u200bresponsibility” was conducted. It is probably unpleasant to admit that a certain UAV flew around St. Petersburg and made so much noise.

Also tonight, unknown drones attacked the oil depot of Rosneft in the Krasnodar Territory – two planes damaged the building of the boiler room next to the oil storage in the port city of Tuapse.

Also at night, unidentified objects fell in Belgorod (one flew into the apartment window) and Adygea.

UPDATED AT 12:51 PM. According to Russian media, another drone crashed near a Gazprom facility in the Moscow region.

UPDATED AT 13:28. The Russians report that a UJ-22 Airborne drone manufactured by the Ukrainian company Ukrjet has crashed near Kolomna (about 100 km southwest of Moscow). It is capable of flying a distance of 800 km and carrying 15-20 kg of explosives.

Russian propagandists state that “there are no more safe cities in the central strip of Russia.”

The turbine engine of the UAV that fell in Adygea

Explosion in Tuapse

Explosion in Tuapse

This and the following photos: the results of an explosion at an oil depot in Tuapse

UJ-22 Airborne in the Moscow region


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  1. “there are no more safe cities in the central strip of Russia.”

    For once I agree with the propagandists. I strongly suggest the Moskali pack up and move to Siberia. Call it, self-deportation…lol…then Ukrainians can move in, clear the area of Nazis and the Moskali can historically reunify themselves with their motherland…Siberia.

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