Sex scandal with a Russian general: intimate correspondence with a lover “leaked” on the network (photo)

Marta Hychko07:46, 02/28/23

The compromising material appeared a few hours after the high-profile video.

The sex scandal involving the Russian top general Oleksandr Matovnikov continues. His intimate correspondence with his partner was “leaked” on the network.

Fragments of correspondence allegedly between Matovnikov and his sex partner appeared in Telegram publications. The lover sent his naked photo to the general, to which he received a lustful comment.

Given the interface, the general corresponded with his lover on Instagram on Valentine’s Day – February 14. Matovnikov asked his lover to write to him later, because he still had a “meeting and report to the first.” For this, the lover sent him his photo.

“Umm, stop, I still have work to do,” the general wrote and sent a kiss emoji.

"Merge" correspondence / screenshot
“Merge” correspondence / screenshot

Scandal with Matovnikov

Yesterday , an intimate video of Russian general Oleksandr Matovnikov, in which he demonstrated his “choreographic skills”, was ” leaked” on the network .

Matovnikov is the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Ground Forces, a former authorized representative of Putin. He is currently the senior operative group of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Belarus.

The footage shows General Matovnikov showing off his genitals and swinging his legs in an erotic dance. It is not known to whom this intimate video is dedicated, but it appeared after the explosions at the Belarusian airfield “Machulyshchi”. The Russian anti-aircraft missile was destroyed. Matovnikov is personally responsible for this.

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