Mi-8 military helicopter “landed” in the Russian Federation – mass media

Veronika Prokhorenko15:21, 28.02.23

There were almost a dozen people on board the aircraft.

Another military helicopter “landed” on the territory of the Russian Federation: it is about the fall of the Mi-8, on board of which there were almost a dozen people. Earlier, a helicopter that usually carried Russian dictator Vladimir Putin crashed in the Russian Federation . 

According to Russian mass media, the incident happened near the Lavozero site near Murmansk. It is reported that the plane made an unsuccessful landing, there were 8 passengers on board. 

“The helicopter crashed 3 km from the Murmansk airport. There were eight people on board, four of them were injured,” the emergency services reported.

Military attack aircraft and helicopters are “self-destructing” in Russia

It should be noted that as part of the military aggression against Ukraine, military planes and helicopters are mysteriously “falling” on the territory of the Russian Federation. 

Literally on February 23, on the eve of the anniversary of the invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine,  a Su-25 attack plane crashed on the border . The aircraft “fell on the heads” of residents of the Belgorod region. Later it became known that the pilot of the military attack aircraft died together with his “bird”. 

Also, on December 19 , a Mi-8 helicopter crashed and burned in Russia . It was reported that the helicopter also failed to land successfully and crashed in the village of Takhtoyamsk, Magadan region.

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