German Media: Interesting Details Of Machulishchy Incident Awaiting Us

Russia’s loss of an A-50U airborne radar aircraft may change the course of the war.


Minsk and Moscow are silent about the explosions in Machulishchy and have good reasons for that, German media report. Political analyst Aleksandr Friedman has prepared a German press review of the blow-up of the Russian A-50U airborne radar aircraft on his Telegram channel.

Western military experts are already talking about a very serious setback for the Kremlin, which could have an impact on the further course of the war. The A-50U airborne radar aircraft is needed by the Russian side in the future, in particular to detect cruise missiles, should they be delivered to Ukraine.

Attempts to conceal the explosions are doomed to fail: Die Welt notes that Western intelligence agencies already possess satellite imagery footage that will allow them to assess the extent of the destruction. This means that we will have important and interesting details of what happened in Machulishchy in the coming days or even hours.

The German ZDF channel notes that the A-50U is Russia’s biggest loss in the war after the Moskva cruiser, the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

As wrote, on February 26, several explosions occurred at the Machulishchy military airfield near Minsk. Telegram channels write that at 9 a.m. drones attacked a Russian A-50 airborne radar aircraft.

The two explosions damaged the front and centre of the plane, damaging the avionics and radar antenna. Belarusian partisans claimed responsibility for the attack on the aircraft.


  1. Perhaps the plane was damaged more than was first known. If so, this is a great victory for Belarusian partisans. It’s no small feat to damage such an important asset of the cockroach air force.

    • Will they risk putting another one in Belarus? If not it makes it more difficult for the orcs to target Ukraine’s air defense systems when they launch their missile attacks.

      • They had 3 working Ukraine. One in Belarus, one in Crimea and one working the Donbas area.
        Denys Davydov talked about them a bit.

    • the 6 were the operational and modernized. Now minus one. The radar mushroom is the more vulnerable, and the most difficult to repair and replace. (If they could even make such a bracket required or find a suitable “donor”.)

  2. I understand the importance but I read Moskali has six of these planes. Nice but we still have a way to go.

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