“We have to think ten thousand times”: Orban spoke about Ukraine’s membership in NATO

Anastasia Gorbacheva21:05, 27.02.23

The Prime Minister of Hungary announced the threat of escalation due to the expansion of the Alliance.

The North Atlantic Alliance should think ten thousand times before including Ukraine in its membership. This question will come up sooner or later anyway.

“We should think ten thousand times about the further expansion of NATO to the east, so that it does not involve Hungary in the war”, – the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán is quoted by the  Telex publication .

At the same time, the Hungarian politician said that this does not apply to the question of joining the Alliance of countries such as Sweden and Finland. At the same time, he indicated that his group would not vote on Finland and Sweden, because, in his opinion, this would be a step towards further escalation.

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