“There was a burned-out mother in the apartment…” In Mariupol, invaders demolish houses along with bodies of the dead

Russian occupiers are demolishing residential buildings in Mariupol along with the bodies of the dead, which are now impossible to find. This was told by adviser to the legitimate mayor of the city Petro Andriushchenko, in his Telegram channel.

“The invaders continue to demolish houses along with the bodies of the dead. Mariupol residents in the occupation are trying to find a way out in order to find and humanly bury their relatives. In vain. Considering the pace and scope of the dismantling, it’s hard to even imagine how many hundreds of remains of the Mariupol residents were simply turned into construction waste by the russians”, – Andriushchenko wrote.

The official also posted a screenshot from one of the Mariupol chats.

As previously reported, the invaders were surprised by the explosion in Mariupol – the AFU told about the destruction of the enemy warehouses and equipment.

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  1. Did anyone expect anything else? They don’t give a rat’s ass for their own, much less for others.

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