‘The Ukraine war is as neo-colonial as it gets’

But that opinion is not shared by Gospidin Karlsonov:


  1. Fucker Karlsonov weaves his lies with considerable skill. Which makes him far more dangerous than Solovyov and co. Plus, he is communicating directly with the most important opinion bloc in the world : the people of the USA.
    Republican strategists believe that 5% of its voter base wants a Russian victory. That’s millions of people. Their toxic hatred of Ukraine can be seen in the comments pages of Breitbart, Gateway Pundit and of course Fox News.

    • No doubt, the vast majority of those 5% are ethnic ruskies and their friends. True Americans never want mafia land to win or a country like Ukraine to lose. We respect and are impressed by Ukraine’s courage and intelligence and longing for freedom. Ukraine is a breath of fresh air for us after helping various shitholes that hate us.

      • There was a doc on bbc radio last November (I think); it’s still on their website, about DiSantis. He came over as something of a bore. He hadn’t at that point showed his cards about Ukraine, but many already suspected he would be in the Trump camp on that issue.
        The Republican strategist appears on that doc and that is where I picked up the 5% quote. That’s about 3.5m people. Most of them unfortunately are Americans with no link to Muscovy, but are fans of Carlson, Owens, Jones, Taylor-Greene, Gaetz etc. 5% of Republican voters as a bloc are pro-putler. But the percentage of putlerites in Trump’s support base is much higher. I don’t know the figure, but it’s going to be several times higher.
        Trump spent much of his life as a Democrat. I doubt that he is any more a Dem than a Republican. He’s something else entirely different.
        He attended an IRA fund raising dinner as the guest of honour of sinister gang boss Gerry Adams, who is an Irish version of putler. Video proof is on YouTube.

        • Of course, my statement was wishful thinking. It’s hard to stomach that we have such pathetic creatures in our country. But, no country if perfect.

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