Russian aggression caused the most massive violations of human rights in the world – UN Secretary General

Yuri Kobzar13:50, 27.02.23

Guterres wants to amend the Declaration of Human Rights to strengthen the document.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has resulted in the most massive human rights violations in the world today. This was stated by UN Secretary General António Geterres , speaking at the opening of the main annual session of the UN Human Rights Council. 

He noted that Russia’s attack on Ukraine led to a huge number of victims, large-scale destruction and massive displacement of the civilian population.

Guterres lamented that some governments are simply ignoring the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, while others are trying to destroy it. In this context, the UN Secretary General called for an update of the Declaration, which “is under attack from all sides.” 

He also believes that the neglect of human rights in the modern world has become a “wake-up call.”

Russian crimes in Ukraine

From the first days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, numerous facts of violations of the rules of war and outright war crimes by the aggressor army began to be recorded.

The most famous, although by no means the only episode in this context was the massacre and torture of the civilian population in the city of Bucha , which was occupied for about a month.

Russian war crimes in Ukraine have received a huge international response. Many authoritative publications abroad are making efforts to ensure that as many people as possible learn about the atrocities of the invaders.

The US State Department believes that Putin will not be able to avoid an international tribunal , although he considers himself invulnerable. The fate of Milosevic and Pinochet awaits him.

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  1. Update the document? WTF? Does this guy have all his brains. Fuck the document stop the genocide you ass!!

    • I’m sorry but that seems like such a no-brainer that should have been automatically triggered the first wave of missiles into cities at the latest. That you even have to suggest something that should have been done a long time ago shows how badly misconfigured the UN is.

    • You know what they say, “When the cat is away the mice will play.” In this case, the UN and international law is the cat. If there’s no penalty for murder and rape it will continue.

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