Russia must be demilitarized and denazified like Germany after World War II.

From the LinkedIn page of Maksym Prudeus

Feb 25

Nine years since Moscow stole #Crimea and Ukrainian territories in the East.

One year of official recognition of this war. The world observed massacres in Bucha, Irpin’, Izium, and Mariupol’.

Were those the only four times when Russians acted like terrorists and rejected the rules that were established after WW II?

Nope. The first occasion was the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968, which went largely unnoticed. The second was the invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, which had far more significant consequences.

Two Chechen wars – in 1994 and 1999. There were two of them because Chechens won the first one.

After losing it, Moscow took time to prepare itself better and invaded Chechnya again in a few years.

Later, Russians terrorized #Georgia in 2008, devastated #Syria in 2011, and invaded #Ukraine in 2014.

Somehow, after all the horrible actions that happened since the end of WW II, the world does not fully understand that #Putin is not causing this problem. Vladimir Putin did not lead the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 or Afghanistan in 1979. He just followed the Russian tradition of doing foreign policy.

Vladimir Putin is a symptom.

Today, he is widely supported by Russians all over the world.

According to #Bloomberg: “Only about a fifth of Russians want to bring a quick end to the war if that means admitting defeat.”

Although some Russians escaped mobilization and fled to other countries, have you seen at least one big protest against Putin outside Russia?

I understand that Russians can not protest inside Russia, but why not do this abroad when Russians have escaped to a free country?

Do you remember Iranians’ global protests inside and outside Iran in 2022? I bet you do! And this shows us the difference between the Iranian government and the people of Iran.

I’m saying that Putin is not causing the problem – Russian people do it in the first place.

Russian people elected and supported Putin.
Russian people went to war and committed genocide in Syria and Ukraine.
Russian people launched missiles that killed Ukrainian children.
Russian people still support the war.

I am 100% sure Russians will create another monster after Putin is gone. And this new Russian monster may act smarter than Putin did.

Modern Russia is similar to Germany in the 1940th.
And it has to be dealt with in the same way.

  1. Russia must lose the war. 
  2. Russia must be demilitarized and denazified like Germany after World War II.
  3. Russia must pay reparations.
  4. All war criminals, including Putin, must be brought to justice.

This is the only way to avoid another big European war that #Russia will start again.

It already happened in Chechnya in 1999.
And it will happen again in Ukraine if nothing is changed.


  1. Related : Jens Christian Jensen on LinkedIn:

    “Only between 5-7% of the russian population feel shame and are against the destruction of Ukraine and against rape of civilians including children, against the deportation of children, against the full destruction of the Ukrainian infrastructure and cities. and the other many warcrimes committed by russians… This is based on russians who have seen photage and heard reports from the frontlines in Ukraine.

    This was part of a TV-program on TV2News this week and the information is from long time russian specialist Søren Liborius, senior diplomat in the EU’s External Action Service.

    These numbers are quite frightening and also gives a clear indication that we must expect a long war in Ukraine, as russia will be ready to continue to accept the huge casualty rate in Ukraine. putin basically do not care about the military losses, the question is how long the russian military commanders will continue to accept losing hundreds of soldiers daily… Next week the number of russian dead and wounded will pass 600.000,- and they have lost more then 6000 armoured combat vehicles, more then 3000 tanks, more then 2000 pieces of artillery and almost 600 aircrafts/helicopters.

    And still more then 70% support putin.”

    .Link to the tv spot:

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  2. Comment from Michael Clark :

    💯% Maksym. The West must support Ukraine 🇺🇦 to hold Russia to account!! Vladimir must be vilified Lavrov must be vilified. The £27b of Oligarch funds currently in British bank accounts in Londongrad banks must be frozen; repatriated and redirected to fund restoration post-war. Progzhin’s Wagner must be dismantled and all funds repatriated and redistributed to rebuild Ukraine 🇺🇦 Slava Ukraini Heroyam!! Kia Kaha Ake Ake AKE!!!!

  3. Mafia land must not only lose the war, it must lose it soundly. It must also be dismantled and broken up into many smaller pieces. Its nukes must be taken away, and all other weapons of mass destruction. As a matter of fact, its entire industrial capacity should be disassembled and it should allow only to farm.
    No, this is not the Morgenthau Plan, this is the OFP Plan, or the Frank Plan.

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