Romanian media reported that Wizz Air is stopping flights to and from Moldova. The company has not confirmed the information

Artem Budrin19:52, 27.02.23

Flights have been canceled for users, and it is no longer possible to buy a ticket for a date after March 14.

The Hungarian airline Wizz Air suspends flights to and from Moldova from March 14 . According to , the low-cost airline did this because of the increased risk that has been growing in recent times.

In its statement, the company noted that the airspace over Moldova is no longer safe. At the same time, the low-cost airline will continue to monitor the situation, keeping in touch with the authorities responsible for security in the country.

“The safety of passengers and crew remains a top priority for Wizz Air and as a result of the recent events in Moldova and the high but unavoidable risk in the country’s airspace, Wizz Air has taken the difficult but responsible decision to suspend all flights to and from Chisinau Airport from March 14” , the company said in a statement.

The information was also confirmed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Moldova. They promised to announce the details later.

Wizz Air also announced that the Romanian airport in Iasi, which is located 25 kilometers from the Moldovan border, will continue its work. The low-cost airline will increase the number of flights there, in particular to Barcelona, ​​Bergamo, Berlin, Milan, Bologna, Rome, Larnaca and London.

The company was represented in Moldova only at one airport – in Chisinau. From there recently planes flew in 12 directions. Tickets for dates after March 14 are no longer available.

So far, Wizz Air has not notified users on the official website. True, on Twitter, the company responded to a user’s request to cancel flights.

“Unfortunately, at the moment we do not have any information about this. Please follow the news on our website,” the message says.

Moldovan airspace: what is known

Recall that at the beginning of a full-scale invasion, Moldova closed its airspace to civil aircraft, but subsequently lifted such a ban.

Wizz Air closed its base in Moldova last year . That was the first time a Russian missile flew over the country’s airspace.

On February 14, airspace was again closed in Moldova due to an unknown flying object. Then the flight schedule was changed, but there were no cancellations.

In Moldova, they announced that in the event of a Russian attack, their air defense would not be able to cope, so the country would be protected by Ukrainian, Romanian and NATO air defense.

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