Poland and the EC will help Ukraine to search for children abducted by Russians

Anastasia Pechenyuk18:39, 27.02.23

According to various estimates, the Russian occupiers evacuated from 6,000 to 14,000 Ukrainian children from the countries.

Poland and the European Commission are launching a joint initiative to search for Ukrainian children who were abducted and taken to Russia during the all-out war in Ukraine.

“The European Commission and Poland are launching an initiative to search for children illegally abducted in Ukraine by Russia. We are grateful to Ursula von der Leyen and Mateusz Morawiecki. We must return the abducted children to Ukraine and punish Russia for the crimes,” Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmygal said on Twitter.

Over the weekend, Polish Minister for European Affairs Szymon Szynkowski vel Senk announced the initiative and announced that it would be presented this week. He called the deportation of children by the Russian invaders “a big social problem, a tragedy and a Russian crime.”

Kidnapping of children in Ukraine – what is known about the crime of Russia

Since the beginning of a full-scale war, the terrorist country has been taking children out of Ukraine in order to subsequently give them up for adoption to Russian families. In November, the Russian authorities began to openly advertise the forced adoption of Ukrainian children , claiming that more than 150,000 babies were taken from Donbass alone.

Adoption of abducted children was promoted by Russian Children’s Ombudsman Maria Lvova-Belova, who adopted a boy from Mariupol , and Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, who publicly praised the practice.

According to Daria Gerasimchuk, Commissioner of the President of Ukraine for Children’s Rights and Child Rehabilitation, Ukraine is aware of the abduction of almost 14,000 children . A US-supported report published the day before on the deportation and political re-education of Ukrainian children refers to at least 6,000 abducted babies.

Ukraine is working on the return of children who were illegally taken out of the country. For example, in January, 125 such children were returned to Ukraine .

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  1. I only wished they said those having or holding abducted children will be prosecuted for human trafficking. Not punish Russia that means nothing. Get personal to those that have our children.

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