“Nothing to say”: the Kremlin refused to comment on the attack on the Machulyshchi airfield

Marta Hychko13:42, 02/27/23

As a result of the attack, one of the nine Russian anti-aircraft missiles suffered significant damage.

The Kremlin reacted to yesterday’s explosions at the Machulyshchi airfield near Minsk, as a result of which one of the 9 Russian anti-aircraft defense aircraft was significantly damaged.

As the propagandist ” RIA-Novosti” writes , the press secretary of the Russian dictator Dmytro Peskov said that he would refrain from public statements on this matter, because Minsk denied the information about the drone attack.

“No, we have nothing to say here. After all, this is information that was published, it was about Belarus, and Belarus denied it,” Peskov said.

Explosions at the airfield “Machulyshchi”: what is known

Yesterday, February 26,  explosions rang out at the Belarusian airfield “Machulyshchi” . Monitoring projects reported on them. According to the BYPOL initiative, the Russian A-50U anti-aircraft missile was the target of the attack . The plane was seriously damaged and “definitely won’t fly anywhere.” According to observers, the front and central parts of the aircraft, avionics and radar antenna were damaged. 

This plane arrived in Belarus on January 3, 2023. In 54 days, the plane made 12 flights. His last arrival on Belarusian territory was on February 24. One such aircraft serves 19 people – 5 flight, 11 radio and 3 engineering and technical personnel. The cost of this is $330 million.

As “Belarusian Gayun” reports, the Russian A-50U military plane was attacked by  Belarusian saboteurs using two drones.

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