Massive Russian missile attacks: Zhdanov made an encouraging statement

Katerina Schwartz19:02, 27.02.23

The expert is sure that the Russian Federation is experiencing a serious shortage of missile weapons.

Massed Russian attacks have been significantly reduced due to the depletion of missile stocks and the state of launchers in need of repair.

This opinion was expressed by military expert Oleg Zhdanov, saying literally that the Russian Federation “has no missiles.”

“The Russian Federation needs a month to produce 40 missiles of various modifications. This is one salvo. And then another month to wait to make a massive missile strike again,” he noted. “And then, we withstood 100 missiles, 80 missiles each.”

As Zhdanov said, under the command of Russian General Sergei Surovikin, the Russian occupation forces shot down most of the missile ammunition, plus their launchers on the same ships in the Black Sea “died” and require repair:

“Probably, the silo launchers have become unusable. There is a launch limit, now we need to do repairs. And for what money and at what plant?”

Zhdanov also said that now Ukrainian defenders are shooting down almost all Russian missiles, except for Kinzhals and Kh-22: “And then it remains to wait until mid-March: we will get the first Patriot or Mamba (SAMP / T) systems – Kh-22 will be for us no problem, and we will try to intercept the “Daggers”.

How many missiles did Russia have left – what was reported

As UNIAN wrote, at the end of 2022, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said that the Russian Federation had gone beyond the reserve necessary for its own defense in the use of cruise and ballistic missiles.

According to him, Russia has less than 13% of Iskander missiles left , while it is necessary to have at least 25-30%.

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