Kremlin rejects peace plan of “Chinese friends” and states it would continue war against Ukraine

The Kremlin commented on the Chinese peace plan for Ukraine, having reported that there are currently no prerequisites for negotiations, and the so-called “special operation” is moving towards its goals. This was stated on February 27 by putin’s speaker Dmitry Peskov.

“Any attempts to work out plans that will contribute to the transfer of the conflict to a peaceful course deserve attention. We treat the plan of our Chinese friends with such great attention. As for the details, of course, the details should be the subject of careful analysis, taking into account the interests of the parties, this is a very long and intense process”, – Peskov said.

“I repeat once again, at the moment, we do not see any prerequisites for the release of this whole story in a peaceful direction. The special military operation continues, we are moving towards achieving the goals that were set”, – the speaker of the russian dictator summed up.

As reported, Beijing avoided a direct answer to the question about the possibility of a bilateral conversation between President Volodymyr Zelensky and Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

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  1. “…we are moving towards achieving the goals that were set”

    That’s right. The goal is one dead ruskie ghoul for every square yard of Ukrainian soil. We need lots of fertilizer in the spring.

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